• Matt Esnayra

Port of LA/Long Beach dockworkers refuse to move Russian goods over Ukraine

Dockworkers at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach announced Thursday that they would be joining other ports and won't be loading or unloading any cargo from Russia in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Why it matters:

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union represents 22,000 workers at 29 ports along the west coast of the United States and moves 16 million containers a year.

  • The boycott goes into action "effective immediately " and covers any Russian goods coming into or leaving all 29 ports.

What he's saying:

On Twitter, ILWU International President Willie Adams said, "With this action in solidarity with the people of #Ukraine, we send a strong message that we unequivocally condemn the Russian invasion. West Coast dockworkers are proud to do our part to join with those around the world who are bravely taking a stand and making sacrifices for the good of Ukraine."

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