• Matt Esnayra

Power restored at Long Beach Airport after outage delayed flights

Power was restored at Long Beach Airport after a brief outage on Thursday morning that disrupted flights; an airport spokesperson told the Modern Times.


The outage was detected at roughly 6 a.m Thursday, forcing airlines to check in passengers manually to be boarded, thus causing flights to be delayed.

  • The airport tweeted at about 9 a.m. that power had been restored a little more than two hours after reporting the outage.

  • Kate Kuykendall, an airport spokesperson, told MTLB there are still "some delays," and TSA had their machines restarted and "began screening passengers again. As of this time, we are not seeing any delays related to this issue".

  • Kuykendall also told MTLB that, "In order to find and fix the problem, Airport initiated a full power shutdown after the rush of early morning flights had departed."

  • An investigation is underway for the cause of the outage, but the airport is not sure what caused it.

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