• Matt Esnayra

Protesters yell "We hope they die" outside of the hospital treating ambushed LASD deputies

The L.A. County Sheriffs Department claims that a group of protesters tried to enter the hospital where two deputies are undergoing treatment for gunshot wounds after an 'ambush' at an L.A. Metro Blue Line station in Compton.

What we're seeing:

The footage depicts a small group of protesters trying to enter the hospital and then stopped by what appears to be security then later confronted by L.A County Sheriffs. The protesters then started shouting derogatory comments about the deputies outside of the hospital they're receiving medical treatment.

  • One protester is heard off-camera saying, "We all here got COVID" toward hospital security.

  • Another protester shouted, " these mother fuckers need to die," and "yall gonna die one by one."

  • An LASD deputy in the video aims his weapon at the protesters; it's unknown if it is non-lethal.

  • The video has since been taken down.

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