• Matt Esnayra

Queen Mary Report: City to spend $5 million in repairs, lifeboats to be removed

The dormant ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary, will be receiving $5 million in "critical repairs" so that the floating hotel could welcome guests later this year.

Land ahoy!

In a press release, The City would use resources to remove deteriorating lifeboats that "exert stress on the side shell of the ship which has created severe cracks in the support system," and install bilge pumps, a new generator, and an intrusion warning system.

Why it matters:

The City regained control of the Queen Mary last year after decades of mismanagement by independent operators, with resources coming from the Tideland Funds and should be completed by the end of 2022.

  • The thirteen original lifeboats will be detached from the ship and stored while the City "gauges interests from museums and other qualified non-profits."

  • Eagle Hospitality Trust filed for bankruptcy last year, and the ship hasn't welcomed guests since the start of the pandemic.


In 2017 the Times reported that it would take $289 million in renovations and upgrades to stop the ship from flooding.

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