• Matt Esnayra

Read: The F.P.P.C Complaint Against L.B Council-member Jeannine Pearce

In the letter dated Sept 9th:

The letter alleges that Council-member Pearce "violated the Political Reform Act’s conflict of interest provision and Statement of Economic Interests disclosure requirements" over allegedly accepting payments and not fully disclosing the money from "business entities owned or controlled by Daniel Zaharoni".

Mr. Zaharoni is a property developer and attorney, who is, according to his LinkedIn page, the chief developer at Urban Commons a "privately-held real estate investment and development firms" that has multiple properties including the Queen Mary Hotel.

Here's the Complaint:


  • According to the Press-Telegram, an independent review of Pearce’s sources of income and her votes while on the panel found she violated Long Beach municipal's conflict-of-interest policy.

  • The person who filed the complaint is Ian Patton, a Long Beach area political consultant, who served as the recall’s campaign manager against Pearce in 2018.

  • Council-member Pearce will be notified within days whether the F.P.P.C would either open a investigation, assign the complaint to another agency; or the commission won't take any action at all.

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