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Restaurant continues to defy COVID health orders, City Manager says gas line was tampered with

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Danna Tanner, the defiant restaurant owner of Restauration on Fourth Street, kept serving patrons on the patio weeks after the County entered its stay-at-home order, halting all on-site dining. Despite facing misdemeanor charges, she is looking into possibly more charges after an unauthorized flex connection from an adjacent unit's gas supply running to Restauration was found, the Office of the City Manager said.


The City's Energy Resources Department received complaints regarding the smell of gas. After gaining access, utility workers found an "unauthorized flex connection from an adjacent unit's gas supply running to Restauration," said the City Manager's Office. The utility workers removed the yellow gas connector to "avoid any potential hazardous situations," and LBPD spokesperson Allison Gallagher said a police report was taken "documenting the health order violation."

  • The City's Venue Task Force and the City Prosecutor's Office will consider additional legal charges.

  • Tanner denied installing the gas connector, and her lawyer said a neighbor installed the connector without her knowledge, per LBP.

Catch up quick:

The city cited Tanner nine times, revoked the restaurants' health permit. Earlier this month, the charges included four misdemeanor counts due to violating state and city's COVID-19 health orders, becoming the first in the city to do so. On Saturday, Jan. 23., the city shut off gas to the restaurant and even threaten to cut off the water.

  • After the city shut off the restaurant's gas access on Saturday, Tanner posted on social media photos of herself purchasing kitchen equipment to convert the restaurant to electric.

  • Tanner told the LA Times that none of her employees have tested positive for COVID, and her landlord is facing pressure to evict her.

  • On Saturday, Los Angeles County Health officials announced the grim milestone of more than 15,000 COVID-19-related deaths. The County had experienced more than 5,000 new COVID-19 deaths since Dec. 30.

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