• Matt Esnayra

Road Rage Incident on Spring Street Leads to Shooting

According to multiple outlets, a road rage episode near the Long Beach Airport leads to one driver shooting a vehicle on Spring Street.


LBPD officers were sent to the area of Redondo Ave and Spring Street at roughly 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning concerning a shooting.

  • The arriving officers found a man with minor wounds; online news site Streming562 says the victim was "bleeding" from one of his arms, and there were "strike marks" on the victim's car.

  • LBPD spokeswoman Allison Gallagher told the LBP that the incident began on Spring Street, and it's unknown how it started.

  • Gallager would also say that the victim was not hit by gunfire and that his wounds were caused by broken glass.

  • The suspect's car was described as a dark-colored truck.

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