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The blaze on the USS Bonhomme Richard has been finally extinguished after 4 days

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

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The blaze that engulfed the USS Bonhomme Richard, a navy ship in San Diego harbour, for the past four days has finally been extinguished; the Navy announced Thursday afternoon.

  • Rear Admiral Philip E. Sobeck said in a statement on Facebook, "We did not know the origin of the fire. We do not know the extent of the damage. It is too early to make any predictions or promises of what the future of the ship will be. We cannot make any conclusions until the investigation is complete".

  • According to Rear Admiral Sobeck said "three helicopter squadrons conducted more than 1,500 water bucket drops," and "We had 63 personnel, 40 U.S. Navy Sailors and 23 civilians, treated for minor injuries including heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation. We have no personnel hospitalized".

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Previously reported:

A three-alarm fire on the navy ship USS Bonhomme Richard has injured several individuals, according to the San Diego Fire Department.

  • The Naval Surface Forces tweeted late Sunday night that 16 personnel, 15 sailors, and one federal firefighter were admitted to nearby hospitals, and all are in stable condition. Firefighting efforts are ongoing at the USS Bonhomme Richard.

What we know so far:

Federal Fire requested assistance against the blaze just before 9:00 am Sunday; the navy ship houses up to 200 sailors. The San Diego Fire Department is assisting with efforts alongside other local fire crews to extinguish the blaze.

  • At around 11:00 am an explosion occurred injuring one person, and at least 18 people were sent to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

  • All firefighters from the San Diego department were accounted for by 11:19 am, says SDFD.

  • 160 Sailors were aboard at the time, tweeted Naval Surface Forces.

  • The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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