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South Street Parkway renamed after city activist Dan Pressburg

Screenshot of South Street Parkway via Google Maps

A 1.4 acres city park in the DeForest Park Neighborhood of Long Beach will be renamed the Pressburg Parkway, honoring community activist Dan Pressburg, during a dedication ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 25.

What's happening:

Dan Pressburg currently serves as the President of his neighborhood association. He is the organizer of Long Beach's One-Day Christmas Store, helping residents in need, gaining him recognition from Neighborhoods USA.

  • Pressburg previously served as a Redevelopment Agency North Project Area committee member and longtime vice-chair, playing a vital role in the DeForest Park Wetlands Restoration.

  • As a Cultural Heritage Commissioner, he helped establish five landmarks in North Long Beach and led the charge for Sunnyside Cemetery to gain its landmark status.

  • Mr.Pressburg also was an original member of the Veteran’s Day Parade Committee.

What they're saying:

  • “Mr. Pressburg has lived in Long Beach for more than 35 years and has worked to increase open space and enhance community engagement,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This naming is a tribute to that work.”

  • “Naming this pocket park for Dan Pressburg honors his sense of civic responsibility and his dedication to the North Long Beach community,” said Vice Mayor Rex Richardson. “His charitable acts and knowledge of Long Beach’s history make him deserving of this recognition.”

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