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Starbucks workers in Long Beach & Lakewood move to create a union

Workers at a Starbucks store in Lakewood and Long Beach intend to form a union, the Starbucks Worker's United announced on Twitter Tuesday.

Why it matters:

The Lakewood and Long Beach Starbucks locations are the latest to join the movement of Starbucks workers to push for unionization.

Cafe Society:

In the open letter, the workers wrote their reasons for unionizing are based on "concerns with scheduling, labor cuts, unfair or biased scheduling, inadequate pay raises to compete with inflation and cost of living changes, and an unclear roadmap for promotions that may be influenced by management bias, and our status as at-will employees who may be terminated on a moment's notice."

  • "We are seeking to begin the process of truly democratizing our workforce so that we may in turn began the process of collective bargaining."

  • Workers of the Lakewood and Long Beach locations mention that their concerns have been "disregarded as unreasonable or expensive, even amongst record profits."

  • "We have felt unsafe with the amount of dangerous incidents our store has had, as well as inadequate COVID-19 and self-isolation policies."

A fond look back:

Only four months ago, workers at a Starbuck store in Buffalo, New York, were the first to form a union largely fueled by staffing shortages and poor working conditions brought about by the global pandemic, per CNBC.

  • According to the New York Times, Starbucks management was hostile to the union effort. Several top executives were dispatched to Buffalo ahead of the election.

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