• Matt Esnayra

Suspect arrested in killing of Long Beach man who went missing in 2017

(Photo: Jeff Kennedy)

Scott David Leo, a 51-year old Wilmore resident, was arrested Monday over the killing of a

missing Long Beach man whose remains where discovered in the backyard of the suspect's house.


32- year-old Zachary Kennedy went missing in October 2017, and through the course of the investigation, detectives discovered that Kennedy was last seen at Leo's home located on the 500 block of West 8th Street and was possibly buried there as well. After receiving a search warrant on May 3, 2018, LBPD excavated Leo's home discovering the remains of a human body.

  • According to the police, the suspect invited Kennedy over to his house. After a night of recreational drug use, Kennedy overdosed in the suspect's bathtub. The suspect would later dig a pit in his backyard and encased the victim's body in cement to hide the smell before burying him, per the LB Post.

  • According to the police, Kennedy and Leo had "a personal relationship" and investigators believe this to be an isolated incident.

  • KTLA reported, Kennedy’s boyfriend John Hill, stated that Kennedy went to visit a new friend at a home on Eight Street shortly before he disappeared.

  • Leo was booked on suspicion of murder and was being held on a $2 million bail at the Long Beach City Jail.

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