• Matt Esnayra

Suzie Price plans to run for Long Beach City Council again

Photo via Price's Facebook page

Suzie Price wrote in her newsletter that she intends on running for a third term on the Long Beach City Council.

Why it matters:

In 2018, Councilmember Price announced on her Facebook page that she would vote against Measure BBB, a local ordinance that extended term limits from two to three terms, per the LB4D Blog.

But wait, there's more:

Councilmember Price also wrote that it would be her third and final term on the Council if she wins.

  • Price will run for a third term alongside Councilman Rex Richardson of the Ninth District and First District Councilmember Maria Zendejas.

  • It is unknown if Councilmembers Stacy Mungo, Roberto Uranga, and Mayor Robert Garcia will seek another term.

  • Price told the Press-Telegram that she had a "talk with my team, and there are some priority projects still in the queue that we need to get done."

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