• Matt Esnayra

The City gave a health permit to a controversial restaurant in error

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Long Beach's health department erroneously issued a new health permit to a restaurant that frequently violated COVID-19 health orders and whose city prosecutor is currently taking their owner to court, according to a report by the LBP.

What Happened:

According to Deputy City Attorney Art Sanchez, Resauration's owner Dana Tanner obtained the new permit due to the City's automated approval system, a mere few weeks after the health department revoked her health permit. Tanner faces multiple misdemeanor charges for violating COVID-19 health orders by having outdoor dining and allegedly tampering with a gas line.

  • Tanner applied for a new permit after the state lifted its COVID-19 stay-out-home orders, paving the way for restaurants to reopen outdoor dining.

  • Deputy City Prosecutor Sanchez said the City became aware of the new permit only after Tanner's attorney sent a picture of it to the city prosecutor's office.

  • Due to the new permit, the City can't issue new citations against Tanner between Feb. 4 and Feb. 13, but Tanner is still facing 21 misdemeanors and was in court last Friday.

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