• Matt Esnayra

The City of Long Beach Disposed of 25K Used Mattress in 2020

Long Beach disposed of more than 25,000 box springs and mattresses in 2020 as part of the City's Clean Long Beach Initiative.

You're Killing Me, Larry:

Deputy Director of Public Works Diko Melkonian told the Council that mattresses disposed of by the City were collected either by scheduled pick-ups or were illegally dumped.

  • Mr. Melkonian would say the police issued over 210 litter citations in the 2020 fiscal year.

Some Good News: Long Beach will be receiving $4 million from the American Recovery Act, which the City has designated to hire 20 full-time Public Works employees.

  • Public Works dismissed $25,0000 worth of street sweeping citations, Melkonian announced during his presentation to the Council.

What they are saying:

In reaction, Mayor Robert Garcia said, "The fact that we illegally dump or pick up 25 thousand mattresses a year is startling."

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