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A drunk driver who killed a Long Beach family on Halloween night in 2019 was found guilty of murder

Screengrab from KCBS

Carlo Navarro, the man accused of driving while intoxicated on Halloween night 2019 and committing one of the most tragic events in Long Beach, when he ran over and killed a family of three, was convicted of murder Tuesday afternoon.


The unspeakable tragedy that gripped Long Beach four years ago occurred on Oct 31, 2019, when a 20-year-old underage Navarro procured alcoholic drinks from the Green Diamon liquor store. While traveling inebriated south on Country Club Drive in his 2002 Toyota Sequoia, he failed to make a turn and proceeded to jump the curb, striking a family of three while they were trick-o-treating.


Navarro, now a 23-year-old man, was found guilty on all counts of murder and vehicular manslaughter over the deaths of 30-year-old Joseph Awaida, 32-year-old Raihan Dakhil Awaida, and their 3-year-old son Omar.

  • The jury deliberated for roughly two hours until they arrived at a guilty verdict for Navarro, per KABC.

  • Navarro will be sentenced on Sept 15., where he could face 45 years to life in state prison. There have not been any reports of whether he would appeal the ruling.

  • According to the Post, Navarro was offered two plea deals, the second offer being on the eve of the trial.

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