• Matt Esnayra

Thousands of Sanders Supporters Gather in Santa Ana Before Super Tuesday

Thousand plus animated Bernie Sanders supporters congregated at Santa Ana's Valley High School outdoor basketball courts to hold a "No Party Preference" rally to support the front runner.

Possible Russian interference:

Sanders told the media that he was alerted by U.S officials about a Russian effort to assist his 2020 presidential campaign. Senator Sanders's comments came after a Washington Post story that reported that the Kremlin was trying to help the Sanders campaign, but " It is not clear what form that Russian assistance has taken".

Sanders' Press Conference:

Sen.Sanders talks to the media about No Party Preference and independent voters ahead of the March 3rd Primary.

CA Primary Poll:

According to a Monmouth University Poll: Bernie Sanders leads with 24%, followed by Joe Biden at 17%, Mike Bloomberg 13%, Elizabeth Warren 10%, Pete Buttigieg 9%, Tom Steyer 5%, Amy Klobuchar 4%, and Tulsi Gabbard with 2%

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