• Matt Esnayra

Three LBPD Employees Tested Positive for Coronavirus

City officials reported three additional Long Beach Police and two Fire Department employees have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.


Of the three "public-facing" LBPD employees who have tested positive, two are assigned to the police department's South Division, and another employee is from the Field Support Division.

  • One Fire Department employee, based out of Fire Station 19, has tested positive for the virus, is not a Long Beach resident, and was last at work on Nov. 19 and is now recovering at home.

Why it matters:

Since early November, health officials have been investigating a Cornavirus outbreak within the police department. Everytime there is an outbreak, employees who possibly have been exposed to the virus get tested, and job sites are cleaned, per LBP.

  • On Monday, the city reported that six Long Beach Police Department and two Fire department employees tested positive for the virus.

  • Out of the six LBPD infected employees, four are from the South Division; one provides Airport Security Detail and another employee reports to the Park Ranger Station.

  • Two Fire Department employees have tested positive for COVID-19, including An employee assigned to Fire Station 1 and an employee assigned to Fire Station 16.

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