• Matt Esnayra

Torrance Karen sentenced to 45 days for assault at Del Amo Mall

Lena Hernandez, the 54-year old Long Beach resident, who became infamous over two viral videos of her going on a racist tirade at a Torrance city park, has been sentenced to 45 days in a county jail for an unrelated 2019 incident at the Del Amo Fashion Center.


Hernandez, a retired social worker, entered a plea of no-contest for battery charges arising from an October 14th, 2019 confrontation between herself and a mall janitor, prosecutors say. Hernandez verbally assaulted an Asian-American woman and then physically attacked another person trying to intervene.

  • Hernandez has to report to the Torrance Superior Court on November 10th to surrender.

  • Besides being sentenced to 45 days at an LA County jail, Hernandez has to serve three years of probation and take 52 anger management classes, per Press-Telegram.

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