• Matt Esnayra

Trump Lifts All Sanctions on Turkey & Declares Permanent Ceasefire in Syria

Trump's Announcement:

"Over the last five days, you have seen that a ceasefire that we established along Syria's border has held and it has held very well beyond most expectations. Earlier this morning, the government of Turkey informed my administration that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in Syria and making the ceasefire permanent. And it will indeed be permanent. However, you would also define the word permanent in that part of the world as somewhat questionable, we all understand that, but I do believe it will be permanent. I’ve therefore, instructed the secretary of the treasury to lift all sanctions imposed on October 14th, in response to Turkey’s original offensive moves against the Kurds in Syria’s northeast border region.This was an outcome created by us, the United States, and nobody else, no other nation... We’re secured the oil and therefore a small number of US troops will remain in the area where they have the oil and we’re going to be protecting it and we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do with it in the future...' - President Trump

What we Know So Far:

  • Trump claimed ISIS fighters that escaped Kurdish prisons after the Turkish air attacks have "been largely recaptured.

  • According to the NYT, " Kurdish authorities have yet to respond to the deal, and had earlier agreed to let Russian and Syrian government forces inside the area they had held."


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