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Trump MAGA flag waves at LBPD HQ; spokesperson says its unauthorized

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Photo courtesy Ian Thomas Malone.

Police say the pro-Trump campaign MAGA flag spotted at full mast outside of the Long Beach Police Department on Saturday, sparking outrage on social media, was" unauthorized."

What we know so far:

Pictures of the flag were circulating on social media Saturday, showing the pro-Trump campaign flag at full mast in a secure area outside of the Long Beach Police Department Headquarters.

Footage courtesy of @aeromatt

What they're saying:

LBPD spokesperson Juan Gomez said, "someone gained access into a secured construction area of the Long Beach Police Department Public Safety Building" and that the incident was "unauthorized."

  • Mr.Gomez said that bolt cutters had to be used to remove the flag from the flag pole, and a crime report was taken, and an investigation is underway.

  • Access to the flagpoles is solely attainable from a "secured parking lot which houses a construction trailer," and entrance to that area is limited to construction employees due to ongoing construction.

  • The City of Long Beach's flag was stolen from the LBPD's flag pole.

  • Gomez would stress that the LBPD is "an apolitical organization and does not participate in any political activity that promotes one political party over another. Flags or images depicting political activity are not authorized or endorsed by the LBPD."

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