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Two Long Beach street vendors attacked, ticketed by LBPD after calling 9-1-1

Two street vendors in Long Beach were assaulted by a group of people while serving food. Still, when they called 9-1-1, the police ended up ticketing the vendors instead.


Eliu Ramirez and Jose Eugenio Vivanco were on 19th and Cedar Street when harassed by a group of people who hailed them down to buy something, only to call Mr. Ramirez names. Ramirez said on a now-viral video that he walked away from the group, but they followed him, poured water on his back, and tipped over his food cart.

  • Mr. Vivanco told Univision that he was attacked, possibly by the same group of people. He says the group threw his items to the ground and struck him in the head.

  • According to the LBPD, one of the vendors called 9-1-1, and they dispatched officers to the scene and "determined an altercation occurred between several individuals" and cited one adult female with vandalism and the two vendors for not possessing "proper licences to operate," totaling $900.

  • A GoFundMe was created on behalf of Mr.Ramirez, and an event is planned for Saturday at 20th Street and Cedar Avenue at 1 p.m.

State of play:

Eliu Ramirez would later tell his story on Instagram, causing backlash from the public. The LBPD would later void the tickets, saying in a statement, the officers who cited the two vendors, was issued "against our Department's practice and the citations will be voided."

  • According to authorities, detectives are also looking into reports that racial slurs were used during the attack.

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