• Matt Esnayra

Update on Traffic Circle Shooting

Two men are dead following a shooting at a house in the Traffic Circle neighborhood of Long Beach Saturday night, who police say may have forced their way into a home and attempted to steal from a resident.

Ok, what's new:

Investigators say they're still trying to ascertain the circumstances that led up to the shooting. Still, Long Beach Police revealed in a press release that the person who shot and killed the two men called 9-1-1 said six people forced their way into his home and that he fired his gun at the suspected intruders.

  • The shooter, who police described as a white male, called for police at roughly 5:00 p.m. to a home on the 3700 block of E. Esther Street.

  • The arriving officers found two Black men afflicted with gunshot wounds to their upper body; one was inside the home and the other on the front walkway. The other suspects fled the scene on foot or in a car.

  • Police say detectives executed a search warrant at the home and seized large amounts of marijuana, firearms, and cash.

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