• Matt Esnayra

Update: Police Arrested L.B Man Accused of Kidnapping & Sexual Assaulting a Woman in DTLB

L.B.P.D announced the arrest of a man they suspect committed the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in a Downtown Long Beach parking structure on March 15th.


The suspect has been identified by Long Beach sex crime detectives as 39-year-old Jacob William Brown a resident of Long Beach.

  • LB detectives obtained a Ramey warrant for Brown’s apprehension, which is a warrant that police departments can obtain by going directly to a judge and bypassing the city’s district attorney.

  • Police say, Brown was located and arrested outside the city of Long Beach by L.B.P.D on March 24th.

  • Brown is currently being held at the Long Beach City Jail on a $3,350,000 bail.

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