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Video Shows SUV Hit-and-Run of Pedestrian in Long Beach

A shocking video shows what appears to be a dark-colored SUV striking and injuring a pedestrian as he crossed the street, and then the driver casually fleeing the scene without stopping to check on the victim.


According to the victim, Moshe Katan, the collision happened on Wednesday, Jan 6 at roughly 9:00 p.m., on the 200 block of Orizaba Ave. As Katan was crossing the street at a flashing crosswalk, a dark color SUV plowed into him, causing multiple injuries.

  • A security camera at La Parolaccia Osteria captured the collision. The video shows an SUV traveling eastbound on Broadway, as Katan was walking in the crosswalk, as yellow flashing lights flickered along the roadway from a yield sign. The SUV drives through the crosswalk, briefly hitting their breaks gradually driving away from the accident.

  • LBPD Spokesperson Allison Gallagher says dispatched received the 911 call at roughly 9:10 p.m., and police responded to the 200 block of Obispo Avenue at 10:50 p.m.

  • Gallagher said the victim did "sustained non-life-threatening injuries and declined medical attention."

Watch the video:

What he's saying: MTLB interviewed hit-and-run victim Moshe Kantan on Sunday, Jan 10

What were the moments leading up to the collision?

  • "I take a walks now and then; I get to the crosswalk, and there’s a button …there were no cars, and when I started to cross then, he [the driver] came fast. I saw him coming down, and the thing was flashing [meaning crosswalk sign]".

On his injuries:

  • "I was hit on my right side. I have broken ribs; a strained back. My knees got scrapped because I flew in the air and landed [on the ground]; I have a concussion—my shoulder [was injured] ."

  • "It has been a couple of days, and I’m all purple and blue, and he [the driver] was going fast… he was going faster than the speed limit for sure. And if you see the video, you can see it was flashing [pedestrain sign] and [I was] almost down crosswalk".

Do you remember the type of car that struck you?

"No, It was some kind of black SUV."

Do you remember how long the police or ambulance arrived at the scene of the crash?

  • "This is shameful. So, the neighbors come out right away. And I was there for over an hour. Nobody came, they called nine one, one, nobody came, and then my partner came and got me, and I went to my own doctor the next morning. The police came to my house... around 10:16 p.m".

  • "My partner took me home. Nobody came, the police came to my house afterward... the neighbors called, eventually I called 911 too, and they were like yeah we have it [received a 911 call], but they couldn't get anybody to come. I guess they're overwhelmed with Covid".

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