• Matt Esnayra

What’s in the $207M Long Beach COVID Recovery Act

The City Council passed the $207 million Long Beach Recovery Act, a coronavirus relief funding measure Tuesday night.

Why it matters:

Mayor Garcia's initial proposal was largely unaltered from his video presentation last week; the only new thing was the additional $12.35 million.

Mayor Garcia on allocating the additional $12.35 million:

The more you know:

The Long Beach Recovery Act consists of $151 million from President Biden's American Rescue Plan Act or ARP, in addition to funding from the recent $7.6 billion coronavirus relief package Gov. Newsom signed last month and funds from L.A County.

Breakdown of the funding:

The Mayor places the million relief package into three segments: Economic Recovery, Healthy, and Safe Communities, and Securing Our City's Future.

$51 million in Economic Recovery:

  • $13 for COVID testing, contact tracing for businesses and workers

  • $5M to restaurants, brewers, and bars

  • $5M to personal services and fitness centers

  • $4M to non-profits and arts organizations

  • $3.5M for fee waivers

  • $2M for business improvement districts

  • $1.25M for tourism

  • $8M to Digital + Economic inclusion

  • $2.5M for economic empowerment zones

  • $2.5M in Small business development

  • $2M for digital divide "especially for neighborhoods and communities that have less access to broadband computers and technology."

  • $1M for Youth workforce development

  • $5M for cleaning, cleanups, trash, graffiti

$72.8M for Healthy And Safe Community:

  • $13M for COVID testing and contact tracing

  • $5M Health equity and outreach programs

  • $1M mental health programs

  • $7.4 for food security and basic needs

  • $2.1 M for early childhood education and childcare

  • $29M for tenant assistance

  • $12M for modular temporary shelters, housing options, mobile restrooms, and showers, plus workforce and social enterprise programs.

  • $4M for violence prevention like the Be safe park program, midnight basketball, re-entry pilot programs, and community development.

$83.2 million for Securing Our City's Future

  • $48M to replenish the city

  • $30M for the budget deficit

  • $5.2 ending furloughs

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