• Matt Esnayra

What we know so far about the 2nd 710-Freeway shooting

Updated: Jun 30

For the second time this week, a motorist was shot on the 710-Freeway in Long Beach, the California Highway Patrol announced.

Few Details:

The CHP stated the shooting occurred sometime around 8:30 p.m Tuesday on the Northbound 710 Freeway. Authorities are trying to pin down where on the freeway the shooting occurred but say the shooting either happened near the 405-Freeway interchange, the Pacific Coast Highway off-ramp, or the 91-Freeway.

  • CHP says the victim’s family drove him to a Long Beach Fire station and from the station to a nearby hospital. He is currently in a stable condition and supposedly struck in the lower body.

  • The victim nor his passenger could provide any descriptions of the suspect to authorities.

Why it matters:

Early Tuesday morning, a 35-year-old woman was shot on the 710-Freeway. The victim would later crash her car and was declared dead at the scene. The suspect for that shooting remains at large.

  • When asked if there is any connection between the two shootings, the CHP says the same team of investigators is managing both shootings.

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