• Matt Esnayra

Woman goes on a homophobic rant at a Jack-in-the-box in Long Beach

A video posted on Twitter shows a woman hurling homophobic slurs at a fellow customer while at a drive-thru at a Jack-in-the-box in Long Beach.

  • The Modern Times have agreed not to name the victim but instead is using the victim’s Twitter username, Orquídea, to protect their identity.

We don’t make it until you order it:

The video posted by Twitter user Orquídea depicts a driver in a silver Nissan Altima shouting homophobic insults back at her, “Gay ass f----t” and “fuck f----t.” The Nissan driver takes a break from her hateful diatribe to order two tacos and an egg roll. She concluded her order by yelling into the speaker, “fuck gay people, bitch.”


Orquídea, says the incident occurred Monday just after 3 p.m at the Jack-in-the-box at 36th Street and Atlantic Ave. While waiting in the drive-thru line the silver Nissan cut the line, “she had pulled into the parking lot and cut in front of me and tried telling me off thru her car [window].”

  • Orquídea, who was driving alone, says there was a verbal altercation before the driver went into a homophobic tirade, “I was mouthing back that I was there first and I guess she thought I called her a bitch,... that’s what kind of made her roll her window down and snap.”

  • Deciding to leave, Orquídea exited the drive-thru as the female driver continued her verbal attack.

  • In a second video, Orquídea, now at a different location, was still being harassed by the same Nissen driver, yelling “suck dick” and “fuck f----t,” as she peels off.

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