• Matt Esnayra

Woman shot insider her Bluff Park home, LBPD says

A woman was shot inside her Bluff Park area home after an argument turned violent, police say.


Officers responded to a home at about 1:18 a.m., in the area of Ocean Boulevard and Molino Avenue; regarding a shooting, according to LBPD spokesperson Brandon Fahey.

  • The victim was struck in both her upper and lower body. Her wounds are considered "non-life-threatening," and sent to a nearby hospital.

  • At this time, no suspect information is available, and the motive for the shooting is unknown.

  • Investigators say the victim is "not cooperating" and has declined to provide a statement. Police say they seized a firearm at the scene.

  • Early results of the investigation suggest that the victim and an "unknown suspect" were in a "verbal dispute" that intensified into a shooting.

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